Broadband Enterprise is a Leading Bandwidth Provider for ISPs (Internet Service Providers), be it Hotels, MDUs, Telcos, Cable Companies or Wireless Providers. The company focuses purely on Data, Data Networks, Managed Services, High Bandwidth Configuration Management, Congestion Mitigation Techniques, 5 and 10 Gig Caching Techniques, Hub and Spoke Technologies and Data Center Management.  Offering 10 Gigabit today, Broadband Enterprise now services the largest group of Mid-Size ISPs with Gigabit Services.


Emerging from a Cable IP domain, the company is a leading provider of Technology to Cable TV companies worldwide. The company specializes in installation and management of CMTS, Routers, Deep Packet Inspection and Wireless Equipment to Cable TV companies.  The company's foray in Mobile as back-up and techniques for connectivity, place it at a high level of connectivity technologies.

In Hospitality and MDU Networks the Company offers Service Providers the best of breed technology to keep network costs low, flexible and expand beyond physical limitations of service.  For Hospitality in select areas Broadband Enterprise offers the Highest Level of Bandwidth Service Assurance with ZERO DOWNTIME. Broadband Enterprise is poised to lead Bandwidth Delivery in Hospitality as Hotels near 1 Gig deployments.

Staying Technology centric the company offers twice the advantage at half the price. This can be seen in its recent Bandwidth upgrades, using custom techniques by location and element price advantages. The company has also been a leader in Deep Packet Inspection, Protocol heuristics mapping and more recently premise Caching, providing ISPs better control over networks and subscriber satisfaction. With larger Telcos Broadband Enterprise currently offers Enhanced Network Virus Auto-Mitigation, so Viruses are destroyed before they hit subscriber PCs.

Staying bandwidth focused, Broadband Enterprise has flourished over 12 years in business keeping customers technologically advanced and ready for future advantage.

Contact: Sebastian Pereira at 786-713-5530 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.