Hotel - Broadband Enterprise


Hotels today are faced with a huge dilemma: How to lower bandwidth/network costs and provide Guest Internet Services Free or at a low cost.


Cost Sensitive Hotel Management Companies come to Broadband Enterprise for all their Bandwidth Needs.


Some tips on How to Plan and Purchase Bandwidth - not displayed on most sites:

  • Bandwidth Services are a Mature Technology - so today Price should matter as Service Levels are mature
  • Almost never purchase bandwidth directly from a telco/provider or retail - as you lose contract flexibility
  • Keep in mind end Hotels may buy 1-20 locations every 36 months vs. wholesalers who buy 1-10-20 every month
  • Wholesale quantity buying lowers bandwidth costs - some wholesalers chose to pass on savings, others do not
  • All downtime is handled the same, by same group, irrespective who you purchase your bandwidth from - so notion that one group is more responsive than others may not be true if a ticket is opened on time.
  • Upgrades should direct you to today's low prices, vs. stringing you over existing contracts and higher prices, if you've crossed 12 month in term.  In some cases have provider buy-out existing contract to lower upgrade price
  • Retail Service providers have strict Early Termination Liability - do not provide concessions to migrate revenue or swap circuits  Hence better to use wholesalers that enable you migrate revenue, sometimes using other customer revenue to help offset hotel contract liability - stay shopper smart
  • IPV4 is getting scarce.  ARIN (the registry that maintains IPs) - do not have any IPV4 addresses - so plan for IPV6 or hurry up and get upgrades this year if you still desire to stay IPV4.
  • If you've reached 1 Gigabit services and need lower traffic latency, request Caching - it will prolong next bandwidth upgrade as well as offer better latency.  Did you know online music is the highest used app by Hotel Guests over Video - fortunately it uses less bandwidth
  • Plan for Backup.  Mobile is available now as backup - test before install.  Sometimes usage is not charged until used - so huge cost saving.  We've tested speeds in some markets - they show 20 to 60Meg and it only gets better.
  • Keep in mind: $100 saving on bandwidth results in $3600 savings on contract - if Management Company has 20 Hotels - that's $72,000 savings.